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One step forward, two steps back

Mama said there’d be days like this

These last few weeks have just not been great for Ellie.  Her normal teacher, whom she adores and has a deep connection with, was out dealing with things in her family and the behavior specialist at her school moved away and was replaced with someone new.  All these things in conjunction with holidays and a time change do not bode well for an easy

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There are more than 5 senses

I know so far I have written about the emotional side of living with a child with SPD, but I want to also cover what Ellie’s diagnosis encompasses and how it manifests itself in her daily life.  I am not an expert on sensory by any means, so I want to make that clear.  This is what I have learned through Ellie’s continued OT

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In the beginning

Our journey really began much earlier now that I think back.  After Ellie began walking, her personality started to change. She wasn’t the content little baby I bragged about anymore. Ellie was 2 years old and attending a moms day out program here in Waco a couple days a week. I started to get notes home about her being aggressive towards the other kids. 

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