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Give it up!

I have been struggling a lot lately with the stress of Ellie going to school. My thoughts throughout the day are filled with dread.  I just waiting for a phone call saying she’s having a tough day.  I walk in to get her daily with an anxious “first day of school” stomach.  I worry about her behavior and if she’s hurt one of her

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One step forward, two steps back

Everyday Wins

Potty Trouble

Recently Ellie has had so many great days.  She is so much more alert and present in class. She is able to focus on work when before she could never sit still long enough to try.  She goes to a school that is willing to give her accommodations like a quiet corner, sensory breaks and many other things. But what is great is she

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The struggle

When I was asked by a few people to start doing this blog, I knew I wanted this to be an open place for me to be real about what we were all feeling. During the struggle with Ellie’s behavior I was not in a good place with my relationship with the Lord.  I was so frustrated when prayer after prayer appeared unheard.  Although

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