Everyday Wins

I know many of my posts thus far have seemed negative in nature.  I don’t mean it to seem that way. We were in crisis mode for so long.  We were walking on egg shells around Ellie and just trying to get through the day.  Though change has taken time, just this month I have seen so much growth in Ellie.  She is able to process so many things and work through them where she previously tantrumed.  When things were too hard for Ellie we withdrew her from the situation, like childcare at church or Cole’s school events.  We concentrated on the therapy and worked on controlling her body. We tried not to put her in a situation where she would be destined to fail.  Slowly we have been able to add some of those things back into her life and know that we have the tools to handle it and help her through.

Last week, I had meeting in the evening and she would have to go to childcare at a church (also her school). I initially said no to the meeting because I thought about all the red flags for Ellie. 1. It is in the evening, the bewitching hours.  2. It is at her school so it could be confusing because the room is different and her teachers are different.  3. Also, she doesn’t know these kids. What if she resorts to hitting if she feels threatened? After thinking of all the possible negatives, like I usually to with Ellie, something told me to let her try.  So, I emailed to find out if they thought she could handle it.  They agreed to give her a buddy to stay with her in case of any issues.  Deep Breath. We both can do this.

Not only did it go alright, but it went great! To say I was shocked was a understatement. She did wonderful with the other kids and even left easily without a meltdown. Mind blown.

This wasn’t even a possibility a few short months ago. Her ability to use her words and express what she needs is grown by leaps and bounds. I am so incredibly proud of her. The ability for her to assimilate into a classroom full of children she doesn’t know is huge for us.

Then this morning my son had a basketball game, so Ellie and I went to cheer him on. Normally just knowing we had to bring Ellie to the game would immediately make me tense. I would begin dreading it. Any situation where she has to sit and watch, with no expectation of participating, has always been difficult. Her impulse control was so poor she would just sprint out onto the field or court. It was super stressful trying to get a glimpse of my child playing and also keep Ellie from taking over the game.  I was so tense, stressed and trying desperately not to look like a lunatic parent.  But instead of the embarrassing event I was expecting, she sat nicely on the bleachers, cheered for her brother and stayed occupied with a bag of snacks, activities and her Ipad. She did amazing!

We are having so many more of these great experiences with Ellie. They catch me off guard every time. I am so excited for the future for Ellie.  Seeing her make progress in school, friendships and family life makes my heart so happy.  She is such a sweet, funny, sassy girl.  I want everyone to see what I see and love her like I do.  I know God has given Ellie a gift for leadership and I am excited to see how he fosters that gift in her.


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